Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grand Theft Uh Oh...

"The Smartest Woman in the Room" Naomi Klein gave a great interview dissecting the $700 Billion "Rescue" package and how it's little more than another massive giveaway to the wealthy, engineered by their man on the inside, former Goldman Sachs CEO turned treasury secretary Hank Paulson.

"The money has been given to the people who needed it least, and it’s going to be used to justify austerity measures imposed against those who need it most," Klein concluded. "It’s going to be used to justify cuts to food stamps. It’s going to be used to justify cuts to Social Security, to health care, let alone being used to justify why more ambitious plans for a national health care program, for green energy are not affordable. So people have to be ready for this. You know, the next shock is yet to come."
"Great Americans" like Rudy Guiliani and Amex have magically become bankers overnight, just so they can line up at the trough for bailout money. Yet we're going to give the Big 3 automakers keep begging for another couple weeks just to torture all those union workers a while longer to see if they might have jobs after Christmas.

The shot above is from my last shoot with Angie, about a year ago. A little "global warming" statement of some sort or another. Looks like we'll be working together again soon.