Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I see... I see no... eeeeviiillll"

One of the earliest albums I remember geeking out on was "Marquee Moon" by Television, a NYC band, a little like early Talking Heads, but with a more jazzy noir take on the world, and a unique guitar sound propelled by two hotshot guitarists, Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. Roughly 30 years after Television first rocked my world, Richard Lloyd came to Dayton to play the humble Canal Street Tavern. Television's drummer Billy Ficca was there, along with Keith Hartel on bass and attempted back-up vocals. After bickering with the sound man, Lloyd started off with an old song he'd written for Chris Stamey, then "Friction" from the first Television album, then most of the evening was a mix of his solo stuff and a lot of Hendrix covers from a forthcoming album he's doing.

Honestly, Lloyd seemed off his game quite a bit. He looked like he just rolled out of bed, had trouble remembering lyrics, couldn't quite keep up with himself on guitar sometimes, and just acted like he really didn't feel like being there, but it was the best gig they could find between two real shows. I'd say he was drunk, but I didn't see him drink anything the whole time on stage.

It's funny, most of the bands I once considered to be crucial are being relegated to nostalgia acts almost. Another sign of my advancing years. I guess. I pretty much had this reaction when I saw Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan last year...

On the monitor front, I'm feeling a little bit better about it in that I threw the fancy Spyder calibration gizmo out the window and went back to a more visual calibration. There are things I KNOW are grey, so just getting there is half the battle. I'm still concerned as I find more shots where areas I thought were falling off into shadow actually aren't, so still some steps to go. Any advice on this, please speak up. I'm considering giving up on this Samsung and getting an Apple display after all before all the ones with the matte screen are gone.


Orixx said...

You should have gotten an apple screen in the first place my dear. Every time I hear "Weird Fishes" on my ipod, it takes me back to when we saw Radiohead play it live this spring. One of the best concerts I've ever been to :). We need to go to more concerts this summer.