Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moving experience

Well, this morning, with a huge assist from Ron, one of my new "roommates", we managed to move all my stuff into the new studio space I'll be sharing with him and Kelly. (Well, honestly, I basically helped HIM move the stuff.) Since they both do "respectable" photography (weddings, senior portraits, etc) I won't link them here, because I don't want them to have any unexpected fallout from being associated with an "artistic" photographer who would post something like this photo on his blog. I have a shoot tomorrow which will be partly in the old space and partly in the new, and I may keep a key to the old place to possibly sneak in and shoot while it's still empty. It's going to be interesting, transitioning back to sharing space, and adjusting to the opportunities and challenges of new space. Wish me luck!


Tia said...

Beautiful shot.. and you don't need luck ;). You can shoot anywhere, even a boring WSU apartment, and make magic.

Dave Rudin said...

If Tia won't say it then I will:

Good luck, Gary.

Anonymous said...

No problem!!! Was Happy to help you Move! Great Photo.