Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Story of my life...

So, I put together my little shot of Danaid in the Obama shirt giving the peace sign in yesterday's entry. I posted it a few places, and turns out it's been picked up on Reddit via one of my groups on Flickr. While up to now, my most viewed images on Flickr had something like 900 views over the course of a couple weeks, as of about 3:15pm Tuesday, this shot had over 17,700 views in the span of about 13 hours! (Update as of 11:30 Tuesday: 31,000+)

Sounds great, right? Well, here's where my usual luck comes in.

When I picked and did a quick edit of the shot, I made two versions, one with a watermark, and one without. But I accidently uploaded the unwatermarked shot to Flickr and a couple other places, so what may be one of my most popular images to date has no identification on it. I did manage to fix that, so subsequent viewers will get the marked version, but dammit!

Story of my life.