Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A smattering of sanity

Well, it sounds official... Mark Begich won.

"Who the hell is Mark Begich?" I hear some of you say.

He's the Democratic candidate for Senate who beat Republican Ted Stevens' re-election bid.

Stevens was convicted of various counts of corruption and will be serving jail time soon, unless at 85, he pulls a Ken Lay and croaks before actually being sentenced.

So, this guy, convicted of taking bribes, the KING of the "Pork Barrel Projects" (Bridge to Nowhere, etc) that John McCain decried repeatedly, THIS guy lost his senate seat to the former Mayor of Anchorage. Not by a landslide, but by a squeaker as the final absentee and provisional and early ballots were counted. The fact that he lost in some way redeems Alaska for the blight of Sarah Palin, but that it was so close still makes me wonder about the so-called "conservative values" Republicans claim to hold dear: honesty, integrity, law and order, cutting government waste, trimming the fat from the budget, and so forth.

Of course, Stevens will collect his pension while in jail... $122,000 a year for life. Maybe I should have run for Congress instead of shooting nude photos.

Republicans think Democrats hate their values. We don't. (Well, at least not always.) It's the hypocrisy that drives us nuts.

The photo is of Erin Jade Euphoria... it's about time this blog had a little euphoria, eh?