Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small Victories...

In troubled times, you take whatever good news may come your way.

Just found out that this shot of PXE won a little group contest over on Flickr. This shot has been quite a favorite over there, and while the contest is not a huge deal, it's a good excuse to post it again here. :)

Also learned that the book from the Erotic Review 2008 Photographer of the Year Prize has been printed and is available for international orders, and at some point (April?) will be available to order from Amazon. If you click through the "postcards" on their site, you can see small versions of most (all?) the photos in the book. (Mine are #2-6 on page 15.) Honestly, I feel the quality of some of the images presented is less than spectacular, so if you're a photographer DOING spectacular work, put your entry in for next year's book and help raise the bar. Also, one shot I entered that was NOT picked was actually requested by one of the judges to run in a UK magazine, so you never know what will come of things. You can read more about the contest here.